Apostille Birth Certificate

  • Birth certificate apostille confirms the authenticity of the signature, seal or stamp of the UK document
  • Can be used overseas or country’s representatives eg: Embassy, Consulate.
  • We can legalise in 1 day or 1 hour in emergency situation.
  • Birth Certificate Apostille in UK confirm authenticity of the document and and the validity of the signature
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Birth Certificate Apostille Prices

If you are looking to establish dual citizenship in UK or overseas, get married in another country, purchase or sell property in another country, inheritance, you will be asked to obtain an Birth Certificate Apostille. If you have a child born in UK and you want to register to your Embassy, Consulate, or representative you need to legalise your child birth certificate


DBS Disclosure Apostille in UK

Legalise by Form

1. Print and fill the Order Form with your details

2. Post your documents with the Order Form to us

3. We legalise your documents and post back to you

  • Postal address are written on the top of the form
  • If you do not have a printer then please post your document to us with your details written down( Name, Email, Telephone and Return Address)
  • Payment can be made by Debit/Credit Card on the invoice, Bank transfer, Cheque, Postal Order, Paypal, etc


Legalise Online

Apostille UK can legalise both versions of the birth certificate. Most Embassy’s or representative require long version of the certificate (where the name of the parents appear). The full long form are named “Certified Copy of An Entry’’

We can supply Birth Certificate Apostille from the United Kingdom, England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales, and many overseas British territory, or if the event was registered with a British consulate.

Replacement Birth Certificate Apostille can be ordered if you have a duplicate of the document. If lost, Apostille UK can issue another birth certificate then legalise with Hague Apostille.

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