Apostille UK – Legalisation Office

Apostille UK certifies that a document’s signature or stamp is genuine to make them legally recognized in other countries that are part of the Hague Apostille Convention. 
e-Apostille known as the Electronic Legalisation is the digital version of the UK Government Apostille. 
Apostille Legalisation consists of a certificate and the Government embossed seal.

We are on the official UK GOV Providers List for NEXT-DAY APOSTILLE

What do I need to know about Apostille UK

Before you legalise your documents with Apostille UK identify whether your documents need notary certification to get apostilled. We can certify any document by a Public Notary or Solicitor when necessary.

Most company documents from UK can be Legalised by simply scanning and emailing to us together with your contact details or providing the Company House business details

Documents that do not require Notary Certification
  • Birth Certificate
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Civil Ceremony Certificate
  • Death Certificate / Coroners Certificate
  • Divorce Certificate stamped by Court
  • No Impediment Certificate
  • Decree Absolute or Nisi
  • Deed Poll Name Change signed by Solicitor
  • Certificate of Good Standing
  • Affidavits witnessed by a Notary/Solicitor
  • Power of Attorney witnessed by Notary/Solicitor
  • Disclosure Scotland signed by Notary/Solicitor
  • Criminal Record Checks – Signed – DBS
  • Subject Access – Police National Computer PNC
  • Medical Notes or Certificates – Signed by Doctor
  • ACPO – ACRO – NIS Certificates
  • Police Letters
  • Last Will & Testament stamped by a Court or signed by Notary/Solicitor
  • Access Northern Ireland
  • HMRC Certificate of Residency
  • HMRC Letters signed by an HMRC officer
  • Companies House Document signed by Registrar
  • Certificate of Free Sale
  • Rural Payments Agency Documents
  • Any Solicitor signed documents
  • Any Notary Public documents
Documents that require Notary Certification for UK Apostille

Personal Documents

  • Disclosure Scotland not signed
  • DBS Check – Basic & Enhanced not signed
  • Employment Letters, Contract of Employment
  • HMRC Letters, P60, Tax Return
  • Driving Licence, ID, Passport, Insurance No

Educational Documents

  • Degree, Masters Certificate
  • Baccalaureate, A Levels, GCSE
  • NVQ, GNVQ, Edexcel, City& Guilds
  • School, College, University Certificate or Diploma
  • Professional Qualifications, Academic Documents
  • Transcripts of study

Business Documents

  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association
  • Companies House Documents
  • Certificate of Name Change
  • Resolutions and Minutes
  • Purchase or Sale documents
  • Annual Returns, Tax, VAT Certificates
  • Accounts, Audit
  • Licenses and Agreements
  • Certificate of Residency
  • Any Company Document
  • Electronic Documents and Banking

How to legalise with the Apostille a Document from UK?

You will need to follow three simple steps in order to get your documents Legalised (apostilled)
We guarantee the apostille on any UK document by our proven tracking and expert advise.

apostilla de la haya

Fill the order form

You can choose between offline (printed form) and online apostille legalisation service.

haya apostille

Post your documents

Post the desired documents to us. Postal address are written on the top of the form or confirmation page.
apostille legalisation

We legalise your documents

We will legalise your documents with apostille  and send them back to your requested address (UK or Overseas)

Legalise Online

  1. Fill the form with your details
  2. Choose apostille services
  3. Pay with the debit/credit card
    When booking completed, you will receive the instructions and the payment confirmation

Legalise by FORM

  1. Print and fill the pdf Order Form with your details
  2. Post your documents with the Order Form to us
  3. We legalise your documents and post back to you


Lost documents? Order a duplicate.
Birth Certificate
Marriage Certificate
Death Certificate

Standard – 10-14 days
Emergency 1-2 days

For Online option – Once complete the booking please post or drop of the document with payment confirmation to our office. For electronic document just forward the pdf (or download link) to our email.

For PDF form option – No payment require. We will invoice you when we receive your documents.

Note: If you cannot print the form or booking confirmation, write down on separate note your phone number, email  & address.


All our Hague Apostille are issued by UK Government through FCDO (Foreign Commonwealth and Development Office)
The price include the Gov Tax, Admin and standard delivery (UK)


For bulk documents or contract services, we offer a volume discount and free solicitor certification.

Apostille UK

Diploma Apostille

Apostille UK for Diploma, Master, Doctorate, Transcript, Baccalaureate, and related qualifications issued by any UK registered body.

  • In-house Solicitor Certification for the documents.
  • We can legalise either on the original certified copy (hard copy)
  • E-Apostille for Diploma and electronic degree and transcript
apostille diploma uk

Apostille UK and E-Apostille for Business Report

  • Current & Previous Credit Scores, Borrowing Limits
  • 6 years County Court Judgements
  • Official Gazette Notices & Charges
  • 5 Year Financial Accounts Director and Secretaries
  • Information Shareholders & Group Structure
  • Contact Data & Trading Addresses

UK Legalisation Office Services

We offer you a wide range of services you may need to meet all your legal requirements.

  • Hague Apostille UK Legalisation
  • Same Day Emergency Apostille
  • Overseas Documents Apostillation
  • Embassy Authentication
  • Electronic Documents Legalisation,
  • Passports, ID’s by our in-house solicitors
  • Overseas documents with UK Apostille

Confusing process? Time consuming? Not in London or UK?  We make the process of legalisation as smooth as possible in any situation. Our 40 years combining experience will give you reassurance of our services.
We can autenticate documents for the folowing countries:

  • U.A.E.
  • IRAQ

We can translate to English from any language in the world. We offer translations of documents of legal nature for individual or businesses such as contracts, court rulings, title deeds, articles of association, certificates, and many others. A translation can be notarised or apostilled (by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office) on request

Are you currently overseas and you need the legalisation on your document?  Apostille UK can receive and send back to any country in the world. We use secure and tracked postage for most of the countries. It is a good practice when you send original documents to request from your postage or courier provider a tracking of your parcel as our dedicated receptionist always will sign and you will be sure that has arrived safely.

Apostille UK can legalise documents issued in Republic of Ireland. Because this service legalisation are outside of Great Britain can take between 10 to 20 days to have the the apostille done.

Embassy Authentication

Non Hague

Embassy documents authentication for country which are not part of the Hague Convention


Each Embassy have their own procedure but we aim to complete within 5-7 days. For emergency situation we can authenticate documents  in 1-2 working days

Apostille UK - Legalisation Office
Apostille UK – Translation in over 150 Languages

We can translate to English from any language in the world.
We offer translations of documents of a legal nature for individuals or businesses
A translation can be notarised or apostilled (by the Foreign Commonwealth and Development Office) on request

Apostille Legalisation UK

Translations Services

Apostille UK and Legal Translation

We offer a comprehensive legal translation services and conduct translations for a wide range of legal areas ranging from partnership law to contracts, apostille and notary documents.

Technical & Medical Translations

Our professional translators have experience in a wide range of scientific fields, such as medicine, biotech industry and technical areas, such as engineering, information technology and the automotive industry.

Websites, AdWords, Marketing

Website translation will not only to work but read well. Creative adjustment taking into account all the subtle nuances of a language and its culture with contextual advertising on Google AdWords, Bing, Yahoo, your campaign will be in the top whatever the language pair.


We can legalise with apostille virtually any genuine original and electronic documents

Government: Company House, Home Office, HMRC, DBS

Documents Type
We can legalise with Apostille virtually any genuine documents from UK or Overseas
Personal Document Replcement

If you lost or could not find your documents you can order a copy of a birth, adoption, death, marriage certificate or civil partnership certificate issued in England and Wales

Business Document Replacement
Most of the process of company formations are now digitalized. We can order hard copy of your  electronically issued document and legalise them with apostille


Why Choose Us?

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Our website is 256 bit encrypted, we ensure our client’s payment, company and personal information are protected at the highest level and GDPR compliance


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 We know that time is premium for anyone.  For those who need emergency UK Apostille we legalise documents in the same day we receive them.


With our office in Milton Keynes near the UK Government Legalisation Office it makes us the ideal choice to legalise with
Next-Day Apostille


Clear and transparent pricing are our aim. Our apostille legalisation process are based on simplicity and clarity for all our clients

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