To verify an Apostille issued in UK you need to have:

  • Date the Apostille was issued
  • The Apostille Legalisation number

verify an Apostille

What verification of the Apostille do?

  • Checking that the Apostille is issued in UK
  • Validating that the documents are genuine
  • The signature (original or electronic) are real
  • Passports, ID Card, personal documents have been seen by authorised person

What is the Apostille?

  • In UK the Apostille are an certificate embossed with a seal
  • Are issued by UK Government (Foreign and Commonwealth Office)
  • Anyone can verify an apostille by checking FCO website
  • To verify an Apostille Certificate you need to allow at least 24h from the date of issue for the registration (K or APO) to be propagated.

You need more documents to legalise with Apostille?

Legalise ONLINE

Legalise by FORM

  1. Print and fill the Order Form with your details
  2. Post your documents with the Order Form to us
  3. We legalise your documents and post back to you
  • Postal address is written on the top of the form
  • If you do not have a printer then please post your document to us with your details written down (Name, Email, Telephone and Return Address)
  • Payment can be made by Debit/Credit Card on the invoice, Bank transfer, Cheque, Postal Order, Paypal, etc.
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